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This listing is custom stanley tag orders only. Which is anything that is not already listed in my shop. I will only do single layer(ex. hippo, turtle, ballerina). Or double layer(ex. flamingo). Anything more that simple silhouettes and simple designs might be an upcharge. If you have questions if it might be more please message me or email me at




This listing will ONLY fit the 30/20 and 40 oz.***THESE WILL NOT FIT THE OLDER VERSION, ONLY THE H2.0.****There are NO returns or exchanges so make sure you order the correct size!


It is not a clip on fit, but it is a snug fit. There is no adhesive and must be taken off before you wash your lid. It can fall off if you turn it upside down. Type name how you want it to appear. I do not accept returns or exchanges.


**NOT dishwasher safe**Gentle spot clean only. Harsh chemicals or bristle brushes can damage the acrylic and break the name.


**Acrylic can be broken if dropped, hit on something hard, shoved in a locker, etc...Please keep this in mind before you order.


**Shop is not responsible for broken tags.**


Keep in mind I weld names together. With that said, it is hard to differentiate names with I and L together with the school font.

Custom stanley tags only-see description

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